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How to Find Traps | Basics Guide | Clash of Clans

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Welcome Fellow Clashers, today is a video on basics. How to identify trap locations. I work with mainly TH 9 content, however, these techniques can easily be related to Town Halls 6 thru 11. In this video I explain the actual size of the Map, followed by pointing out how to determine the sizes of items within your inventory within the village editor. I then follow up with scouting 2 differently designed bases in order to show the differences in base design in the last couple months and present some...


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Clans of Clans new meta attacks at Th11. We"e;ll review what"e;s hot in the current meta for both easy 2 star and also more advanced 3 star attacks. The attacks shown will be:1) Baby Dragon / Loon "Spam" High % 2 Star Strategy2) Penta LaLoon 3) Queen Walk into Bowler / Valk (Ring Base Killer!)4) LaLoon (leave the Golem and Bowlers at home!)Enjoy the best of the meta series. Stay tuned for Th8, 9 and 10 in the same format!***CWA COMMUNITY CORK...

Clash of Clans - Giant Bomb Traps that Work!

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Visit for the rest of my videos!This channel is dedicated to improving your strategy in clan war attacks.

Clash of Clans Update "The Air Sweeper In Depth" It"e;ll Blow You Away!

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Clash Of Clans Update, Clash of Clans Sneak Peek- the NEW Clash of Clans Air Sweeper! Check out this new Clash of Clans update feature- a brand new air defense building, and tips on how to use it- it"e;s sure to make waves!FREE Gems in Clash of Clans: on YouTube: to Peter17$ - he has his VERY OWN YouTube channel...

BEST Town Hall 6 (TH6) Defense Trophy/War Base Design -Air Sweeper -Clash of...

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BEST Town Hall Level 6 (TH6) Defense Trophy/Clan War Base Design - Air Sweeper - Clash of Clans (COC). Setup #1. This TH6 base defense layout strategy will help give you that extra edge in Clan Wars you"e;ve been looking for plus help you win defenses when you"e;re trophy pushing! This is a versatile design that will do well against virtually any kind of attack. Anti-giant, anti-healer, anti-barcher (barbarians and archers), anti-hog rider, anti-air, anti-dragon, anti-everything. Well...