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Hey Clashers! What do you get when you add Queen Walk + Mass Witch + 8 Earthquake??? That"e;s right. Some nice 3 Star devastation at Town Hall 11! Hope you enjoy these two attacks as much as I did! Enjoy and have a happy and healthy 2016! Like the channel? Consider becoming a Patreon! Check it out here: sure to check out my website! - I update it every week with new content. Don"e;t miss the new 3 Star...

Clash Of Clans "NEWB TO CHAMP" | What Is Clash Of Clans?

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Clash Of Clans "NEWB TO CHAMP" | What Is Clash Of Clans? Teaching My Girlfriend How To Play Clash Of Clans In This Funny CoC Video From Level 1 To Champion!Clash Of Clans How to Get Free Gems (Works Internationally!)Featurepoints Website: Referral Code: GANFreeMyApps: For Apps Website: Cash For Apps Referral Code: ganAppNana Website: Referral...

Clash of Clans 113 - Wall Breakers Spotlight

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In this episode of Clash of Clans 113, Wall Breakers are spotlighted and discussed about their abilities & how to use them effectively.For those interested in the statistic of individual troops go to Wallbreaker this youtube channel and to my video as well for deleted videos taken long time ago to see how bad I was hehe me as friend to...

Clash of Clans TH10 GoValks 3 Star Attack

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Clash of Clans 3 star TH10 mass valkyrie attack guide. This video will show you ways to do a mass Valk attack and ways to defend again it. GoValk Tornado Attack for a quick sweep for 3 stars. Ideas on how to make your war base Anti-Valk.Subscribe to Clash of Clans Tutor on YouTube: to this video: sure to subscribe and get updates for Clash of Clans tutorials, strategy guides,...

How To Funnel Troops - Attack Strategy Basics Guide | Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans basic strategy guide on how to funnel troops. Funneling is the most important element to any attack in CoC. The tutorial breaks down funnelling to a simplistic level to help you improve your Clash of Clans attacks. In order to have success in war and achieve a 3 star raid you will have to funnel troops. This will control your army to your specific objective whether this is the core of a base layout, the Town Hall or a specific defence. I hope this CoC guide on how to funnel troops is helpful...